2017 Race registration will start on Feb. 14th at 10 AM (Beijing Time).

Event Date: September 10th, 2017
Start time: 7: 30 AM
Distance: 1500 m Swim, 40 k Bike, 10 k Run
Racing Category: Professional, Age Group Individual, Relay Team, Corporate Challenge Relay Team, University Challenge

Cut-Off Time:

  • SWIM: 1 hour after the last swim wave starts
  • BIKE: 3 hours after the last swim wave starts
  • RUN: 5 hours after the last swim wave starts
There is a check point at 16 km mark on the bike course, before the Qianling Mountain Climb. If you were not able to pass this point by 9:30 AM, you will turn back from this point and ride back to the Garden Expo. You will be able to complete the run course, but we will write down your bib number and your race result will be shown as “DNF”. All-1024x652 Download Course PDF